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Benetton grows in India

With 400 stores in 100 towns and cities, it is young Indians’ favourite Italian brand

New Delhi UCB StorePonzano, 20 October 2011. With today’s reopening of South Extension megastore in New Delhi, Benetton Group confirms its commitment to the Indian market, in which it has been operating for 20 years, and its particular focus on the great history and future of a country whose objective is to become Asia’s prime economy.

Having launched its expansion plan for India in 1991, Benetton continues to enjoy a significant competitive edge over its main competitors. Benetton is seen in India as both an international and national brand and as such, today has 400 stores in over 100 towns and cities across the nation.

On the one hand, such recognition strengthens sales: revenues from the Indian market rose by 13% in 2010. On the other, it facilitates the search for first-rate, strategic partners for opening new stores in big cities or smaller towns. Benetton will, in fact, open 40 more stores by the end of 2011, making a total of 70 shops opened during the year.

The South Extension store has been redesigned in accordance with the new interiors concept, which conveys innovation, beauty and customer care. It is set in a strategic position in the heart of the capital to offer an all-embracing panorama of the Benetton world, display the entirety of the collections and offer an international shopping experience to its sophisticated Indian customers.

This is a new stage in the Group’s investment programme for developing and restyling its Indian sales network, and its industrial activities, in partnership with local business people who help to boost a wide-spread entrepreneurship, create new jobs and boost local economies.