Press Releases and Statements


Ponzano, July 5th 2016. Once again, Benetton Group leads Greenpeace’s Detox campaign rakings. In 2016 the company was among the top brands in the AVANT-GARDE category, the first and most prestigious of the three ranking categories, which includes the companies that have made the greatest progress in respecting their commitments to completely eliminate toxic substances.
The “Detox Catwalk” evaluates the performance of the companies – and in particular the progress of 19 major fashion brands – who have joined the Greenpeace campaign according to criteria such as the elimination of hazardous chemicals from their products and production processes and the publication of transparent information regarding the emission of toxic substances by their suppliers.
“We congratulate Benetton for the way it drives the entire industry and imposes a new, worldwide standard for a fashion free from toxic substances,” said Giuseppe Ungherese, pollution campaign manager of Greenpeace Italy. “The company is showing for a fact that ridding the fashion industry of toxic substances is already possible.”
This year, in particular, Greenpeace praised the commitment of Benetton in totally excluding from its production processes 11 potentially harmful chemical groups and in implementing very stringent tests on wastewater, calling this the “clean factory” approach, one which extends not only to the production of Benetton clothes, but to the entire production chain. The company is also obtaining continuous improvements and significant results in the progressive elimination of PFCs (poly-fluorinated compounds) has provided a series of details about the production process and concluded a survey of products containing PFCs across its supply chain. To ensure that PFCs have not been replaced by other potentially harmful chemicals, a series of tests have been carried out to check the alternatives being used.
As for Transparency, Greenpeace highlights that Benetton has fully fulfilled its commitments in disclosing data on the elimination of chemicals and is continuing – with excellent results – towards the achievement of its long-term objectives. Benetton has also provided information on the monitoring of wastewater discharge by publishing the details of its verified suppliers.
As well as confirming the validity of Benetton Group’s sustainability strategy – and the processes underpinning its development – this new recognition from Greenpeace acts as an incentive to further increase the Group’s efforts as it leads the pack in protecting people and the environment, educating on green values and protecting local communities, in Italy and around the world, wherever the company operates.