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Benetton opens in Denmark with a new interiors concept

Aarhus, 5 May 2011. Today United Colors of Benetton opens its first store in Aarhus, Denmark, with an ideal balance of innovation and tradition thanks to the use of the new Benetton interiors concept already employed in major European cities like Milan, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Istanbul and in Asia, in New Delhi. The over 300m2 ground-floor store is located in the bustling, central Søndergade pedestrian zone.

The new store elegantly displays the characteristics of the United Colors of Benetton adult and child collections for spring/summer 2011. UCB Adult is characterized by clothes that are easy to mix ‘n’ match, with all the creativity of a new, original look – thanks, too, to the choice of accessories. United Colors of Benetton Kids is for children of all ages, from newborns to teens, and draws inspiration from the colours, perfumes and flavours of the countryside. So little girls have a choice of romantic styles with a more casual touch, in light cottons and country-style prints. For boys, there are sports garments and technical fabrics.

The new Benetton furnishings take the shape of big metal or wooden boxes, wardrobes on castors, organically shaped tables. Rails, shelves and hanging displays are reminiscent of 50’s-style bookcases: a group of elements designed to present a clearly ordered showcase of Benetton clothing and accessories, the true protagonists of the retail space.

The main colour of the store décor is white. It was chosen to inscribe the pure volumes of the fittings, which are technical and functional. The materials used for the fittings are humble, by choice, yet they take on a strong, sober textural and decorative quality. The metal box theme is echoed by the wall, hanging and recessed lighting.

A white neon script – United Colors of Benetton. – on black metal gives prominence to the brand name on the wall behind the cash desk, where visitors’ attention is also drawn to back-lit panels with images from the spring-summer 2011 campaign.

Colour, an essential element of the Benetton identity, further enhances the shopping experience. At the store entrance customers are welcomed by a series of colourful, luminous horizontal bars in the double-height space which is a feature of this area of the building.

The new Aarhus store is part of an investment plan in Denmark which will continue with a major new opening in the capital within the year, a prestigious addition to the over 15 United Colors of Benetton stores already operating in Denmark.