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Colors 52: Rolando Trujillo

Rolando Trujillo is a woodcutter. He lives on the island of Tierra del Fuego, about 800 kilometers from Antarctica, in a one-room hut from where he takes his chainsaw into the forest to cut down lenga trees. And COLORS 52 is about him. Some of the things we discovered about Rolando:

Pinned to Rolando’s door is a note which reads, “Visitors are not welcome.”
He lives alone with his sheep, a rabbit and a horse.
He has not eaten fruit in 18 years.
For 26 years he did not see his mother.
His best friend is called Velasquez, but old man Mismisa (who works in the sawmill) is his mortal enemy.
Rolando says Luis (who lives nearby) will go mad from loneliness, like Pedro (who delivers the bread).
His daughter, Nazarena Elsa Del Carmen, was conceived in the woods and he has a 5,000 peso life insurance policy in her name.
Rolando Trujillo will probably never leave Tierra del Fuego and when he dies he wants to be buried in a frozen lake.

For Rolando Trujillo, making COLORS 52 was a unique experience—he’s used to living six months without seeing another human being—and the result is a unique insight into the life of a man living in one of the world’s last remaining wildernesses.


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