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Greenpeace reaffirms Benetton Group’s position among
the fashion industry’s detox leaders

12 July 2018 – In its latest report, “Destination Zero – Seven Years of Detoxing the Clothing Industry”, Greenpeace includes Benetton Group among the fashion companies that are leading the way in the elimination of hazardous chemicals from their manufacturing processes, together with H&M, Inditex and Fast Retailing.
This result follows a series of concrete initiatives that Benetton has put in place since 2013, when the Group joined Greenpeace’s “Detox My Fashion” campaign and committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals originating from clothing production.
This recognition also confirms the results Benetton achieved in 2016, when Greenpeace recognized the company as one of the global leaders of the Detox Catwalk, and in 2017, when we reached the goal of publishing 80% of the results of the tests carried out on the wastewater discharges of those of our suppliers that are involved in the so-called “wet processes”.
The latest acknowledgment is an incentive to keep pursuing the Detox Commitment – the commitment to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from our products and processes by 2020 – and to keep leading the fashion industry on the path to reducing the environmental impact of all its processes.

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