Press Releases and Statements

PLAYLIFE Autumn/Winter 2011/12

collagepl_aw201112_0.jpgPlaylife – A preppy air blows through a Playlife collection designed for her and him with equal style. Padded jackets, coats, hoodies and trousers are coloured in red, blue and grey. Washes make the knitwear similar to the fleece while plain-coloured or tartan wool cloth are suitable for both man and woman.

Playlife Outdoor – The vast expanses of Patagonia andInto the Wild are themes which inspire both her and him. For both, the parka is the cult garment and is worn with chunky jacquard sweaters, large-check wool fabrics and jeans or corduroy trousers. The palette embraces shades of brown and green. Soft silhouettes are in keeping with the comfortable feel the fabrics provide.

Jean’s West – Knit & Denim is a combination made for exploring the legendary brand’s Western world. Navajo-style jacquard wool maxi cardigans and denim shorts represent the “standard” look for young women. A large-check, long knitted jacket with a denim shirt and trousers is the emblematic combination for modern cowboys. The colours are chiefly blues and browns with a few touches of carmine.

Anthology of Cotton – Dip into the Anthology of Cotton wardrobe to enjoy moments of sheer relaxation. This range is centred entirely around jersey, fleece and everything that goes with them. The all-female styles nod in the direction of home-wear as it plays with layers, different lengths, fluid fabrics and raw edges. Knitwear, too, is given a jersey interpretation. There are no jackets or coats, but snug, soft cardigans that seem like a housecoat; leggings, oversized fleece tops and, of course, all kinds of T-shirts. The palette divides into grey and teal shades with hints of beige.

Killer Loop – KL’s core garment is, as always, the urban/street jacket. The inclusion of details reminiscent of technical clothing, such as heat-sealed seams, add that extra touch which gives this capsule collection a distinctive look. A new kind of fleece top sees the light for the first time, the fruit of a bonding solution that enables stretch knitted fabric to present a product with a difference. Boxer-style hoodies and T-shirts decorated with brand-inspired graphics complete the look. Strong colours such as black, charcoal, red, cyan and yellow define this theme.