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Sisley Campaign Spring/Summer 2008

Images sculpted by the intense, sophisticated eye of Camilla Akrans, photographer for a new Sisley season



The Sisley advertising campaign for spring summer 2008 marks the beginning of a new season. Not only with the launch of a new collection but in a wider sense, with a significant change of image.

The eye of Camilla Akrans – photographing the Sisley campaign from spring 2008 – filters the brand’s excesses, assuages its transgressiveness and captures its sophisticated essence, conveying a refined idea of fashion that brings the spotlight back onto the clothes.

He and she are sculpted, in elegant plastic poses and glacial composition with the immaculate paleness of plaster statues. A harmonious effect expressed, in black and white, in light and shadow; in colour, in soft contrasts and muted atmospheres. Powerful forms and light draping fuse in unique volumes of neoclassical equilibrium.

The shots all reveal the intellectual detachment favoured in Camilla’s northern Europe. There is also the magic of films, her eternal inspiration; the beauty of classical art, an integral part of her education. And there are the clothes – elegant, sophisticated, chic, very feminine and very masculine, creating imagery of pure beauty.

This is, as we know, nothing new to Sisley, as ever synonymous with sophistication and glamour, which in this campaign assert themselves as never before. The aggressiveness of the brand is still seen, but represented and styled with grace, as true elegance requires.

The new Sisley campaign will appear worldwide on posters, billboards, in magazines and collection catalogues, from January 2008.


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