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Sisley moves into e-commerce

The fashion brand will be on sale online from October 23rd

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Ponzano, 23 October 2013. Sisley presents its seductive yet approachable fashion and contemporary wardrobe online. The brand’s new e-commerce website offers a captivating purchasing environment for the women’s, men’s and accessories collections where the bywords are passion for its discerning, cosmopolitan audience, stylish impact, attention to details, interaction.

Built on the shop the look principle, the e-shop showcases the iconic, sensuous world of Sisley’s styles and clothing combinations. In a bold, logical way, it presents the values and scope of a brand which, with more than one million Facebook fans, is an on-trend emblem for the social network generation.

Key to Sisley’s sales strategy, the online channel’s objective is to strengthen the brand’s positioning through a shopping experience that is consistent with its overall image. From store to website, FB to tumblr, campaigns to tweets, apps and e-commerce, everything about Sisley speaks the same language.

For Sisley, e-commerce is about quality, attention to detail, information and customer service. Customers, reached through a specific digital advertising campaign, can register on the website and be kept up-to-date about the latest developments, ideas for the season and trendsetting looks. Purchases may be returned and exchanged with no further costs within 15 days of purchasing. When the e-shop is fully operational it will include a live chat service offering customers real-time, continuous assistance.

Sisley’s e-commerce launches in Europe, where its e-shops will open in 28 nations simultaneously, including Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Scandinavia, and will progressively expand to Japan and the United States.