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Sisley Spring/Summer 2001 Campaign.

An event which presents the creative activities of the Benetton research centre for communication

sisley01_35An even more original sin in the Eden of the new millennium

An ultra-privileged Adam moves sinuously and provocatively through the leafy branches of a true earthly paradise, courted by three beautiful Eves. This is how Terry Richardson interprets the new Earthly Paradise, with his well-known photographic irreverence, allowing himself to be drawn into temptation by the concept of the new Spring/Summer 2001 campaign, accompanied by the words of the American writer Jay McInerney.

The American photographer Terry Richardson catches the Adam and Eve of the new millennium red-handed, transposed into an earthly paradise where sin becomes immortal. Terry Richardon’s eighth campaign for Sisley explores a world of glances and poses which mix innocence and transgression, hinting at how the two extremes can live together in a single body when the only contamination is the wild nature that surrounds it.

As always, concept and campaign are signed by Nikko Amandonico art director, and Terry Richardson, photographer. Produced by Energy Project.


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