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SISLEY Young SS 2016 Collection

Sisley Young’s kids draws inspiration from America this season – both in real life and the movies – to stage their idea of fashion: freedom, rock ‘n’ roll and a touch of rebellion, but also sweet & glitter romanticism, cheeky elegance and a healthy sporty spirit.


American rock’n’pop

A rebellious style that uses black, grey melange and bright red in a daring way. Summer fashion inspired by America’s legends and street style trends – patched and studded denim, graffitied sweaters and stars and stripes. This is the leitmotiv of sporty-rock sequinned vests, t-shirts and blouses with dropped sleeves and bad girl jeans and miniskirts.

Sporty princess

New summer glamour becomes more sporty when sequins and spangles, light as air yarns and glitter fabrics mix with jeans and studs. The romantic pleated boat neck shirt sparkles with a thousand gold sequins and is paired with melange fleece pants.

Holiday chic

Sisley sends its girls on holiday and dresses them in elegant embroidered cotton dresses, broiderie anglais mini dresses and shirts, muslin with lace details, textured jersey and all-over beach print viscose. Even the super-young love classic prints such as the check pattern featured on hooded drawstring safari jackets, tees and A-line miniskirts. Trés chic!


Even young girls aren’t immune to this boho chic summer revival – a style that includes faux-suede openwork waistcoats, fringed bags, floral dresses and coloured muslin tops, light jerseys and chambray jumpsuits. The sunny yellow embroidered mini-dress paired with a mini indigo denim jacket and wooden heel sabots creates a dreamy young feminine look with a delicate vintage touch.


Black rebel

The urban rock essence of Sisley’s style is seen this season in the Kid’s collection. Summer in the city, with lots of t-shirts featuring street art, geometric and mega sports-inspired number prints.   Denim is simple, and windbreakers are essential. The colour palette is both minimal but decisive and consists of black, greys and neautral shades.

Indigo story

Playing at easy rider with a ‘grown up’ leather jacket, faux-dirtied jeans, studs, plaid shirts and sweaters with reverse prints. Cream and burnt sienna, ochre and hints of indigo are the main colours for this energetic, almost biker style, where everything is  strong & twisted. Every now and then, though, a blazer also sneaks in to mellow this wild boy mood.

Minimal and natural

Faded simplicity: an idea borrowed from big brother’s wardrobe. A slogan denim jacket, clean lines, Zen simplicity and a mini hipster touch of cool: natural, sandy colours combine with touches of brick red for this summer trend that favours cool easy-fitting cotton, linen and denim

California vintage surf

Sisley’s  beach boys wear Hawaiian print sweatshirts, slubbed jackets and hoodies, faded orange bermudas and printed jeans rolled up to the knees, as if they were about to head for the beach or on the set of “Big Wednesday”. The flavour is retro and the patterns are ‘Sixties California. Colours are in line with the trend – a perfect wave of orange and blues, as dusty and washed out as if faded in the sun at Malibu.

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