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Statement: Benetton Group’s position regarding the controversy between the Australian Wool Industry and PETA

  • Benetton Group has not adhered to the requests made by PETA, in particular the request to boycott Australian wool, and has always paid strong attention to the respect of ethical and social values in its manufacturing organisation, its retail network and in its communication campaigns, as has been repeatedly conveyed to PETA.
  • Benetton has been unjustly and incorrectly involved by PETA in a dispute with the Australian Wool Industry, despite the fact that Benetton has no relationship with sheep breeding in Australia.
  • Benetton expresses its appreciation and support for the agreement autonomously reached by AWGA (Australian Wool Growers Association) and PETA, aimed at gradually eliminating mulesing and at the use of procedures of recognised ethical value in sheep farming.
  • Benetton considers the announcement of the development by AWGA of a specific label for “non-mulesed” wool interesting and worth encouraging.
  • Benetton plans, as in the past, to continue to give preference to those suppliers who guarantee ethical treatment of animals, such as, for example, those from farms in Argentina, owned by its parent company, where in fact the practice of mulesing is not adopted.
  • September 2005


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