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UNDERCOLORS OF BENETTON Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Collection

collage_lb_undercolors_ai1112.jpgThe warmth of hearth and home and the colour of fire have gone to create a collection with a special wealth of interesting content and … emotions.

ROMANTIC WINTER All the typical features of a theme dear to Undercolors are presented for winter with a brand new image, although without forgetting tradition. Lace and micro prints contend not only the usual sets but tops, vests and slips as well. The motifs are above all floral and small patterns although in some cases we can find more unusual prints, such as the one referencing knitting stitches or Valenciennes lace. Narrow stripes are a necessary part of the collection, like the small tartan patterns. All this comes together thanks to a palette designed especially in order to emphasise the delicacy and softness of the materials. The tricot items with their softness are used as basics designed as homewear: simultaneously lightweight and super-fine like a caress and protective and enveloping like an embrace. One of the season’s must-haves is the dressing jacket with macro dogstooth check. Beige, cream, light grey and powder pink take over each individual item, highlighting the concept of “romantic”.

ON COLORS There is no need to point out that the keystone to everything is, obviously, colour.
Cyclamen and turquoise, together with the understated shades of natural white and antique pink, are used together in a series of ideas suited to all tastes.
For those always on the go there is a choice of bras and culottes in one colour with a basic and practical style. A totally different approach is shown by those sensitive to the retro moods which inevitably come with lace. The forever young can carry on playing at coordinating items, mixing micro diamond patterns, polka dots and narrow stripes as they choose. For him there is a choice between basic and more “daring” types such as diamond patterns, stripes and tartan on fits which favour the boxer briefs model and close-fit boxer shorts. As a top a plain t-shirt is all it takes or, as an alternative, a sleeveless vest.

FLAGS The symbolism linked to flags has always provided multiple sources of inspiration for developing ideas and new products. Undercolors has not missed out on the opportunity of playing with the best known standards: the US stars and stripes, Britain’s Union Jack and the Canadian maple leaf. He and she become imaginary standard-bearers, showing off on blue, grey and deep green backgrounds flags printed with used effects on underwear sets, pyjamas and loungewear suits, t-shirts, slippers and travel bags. “Underflags of Benetton”?

HOME SWEET HOME A group of penguins has invaded part of the Undercolors collection to settle on pyjamas, underwear sets and homewear for men and women.
This is a now obligatory quirky detail which each season always has new surprises in store. The comical black and white shapes, a symbol of winter par excellence, watch us from groups set against grey marl or baby pink backgrounds, ready to wave with their wings. An invitation to stay at home in the warm.