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Undercolors of Benetton Beachwear Summer 2015 Collection

A colourful summer to mix ‘n’ match for women who love Undercolors of Benetton beachwear. Greece, Brazil or Africa? There’s a costume for every destination! And a coordinated accessory for every costume

What do women want in summer? A new costume, or rather two, or even three: a minimal bikini, a sexy one-piece, a two-piece worn with high-waisted culottes, to accessorise with a polka dot or Hawaiian print mini dress for cocktail hour. Perhaps also a pair of shorts, a 100% superlight beach towel and a matching beach bag. For summer 2015,  Undercolors of Benetton has thought of women from all over the world, of all ages, shapes and sizes. A huge collection of beachwear in a range of nuances designed to give everyone their own daily beach look: Mykonos-inspired blue, green that recalls the carioca atmosphere of Rio and black to identify with the safaris of Africa. Create a new style every day by mixing a balconette bikini top with a Brazilian bottom, a tropical bandeau with bow-trimmed pants, a solid colour one-piece with a zebra-strip sarong or an animal print top with a reversible bottom.

An infinite mix & match game that also applies to the Undercolors Beachwear collections for him and for kids. Men’s boxer shorts are fresh and quick-drying, and as always, all fabrics offer excellent fit and comfort. Prints are colourful and vary from Hawaiian to solid colour and contrast stripes. The beachwear line for little ones and their bigger brothers and sisters is just as colourful and high quality: flower and palm prints, surfer slogans, fun flip flops … every boy can have his beach “uniform”, and the girls can wear their first bikini, just like Mummy’s.

And for the whole family there are new, super-light beach towels and colourful slippers to carry in practical maxi beach bags. Creativity, practicality and colour: an Undercolors of Benetton summer.