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United Condoms of Benetton

A complete range of condoms will be manufactured and sold under licence in Europe by the Australian company Ansell

Ponzano, 10th November 1997. In Europe, safe sex will bear the Benetton brand. From November 1997, a complete range of coloured, reliable and up-to-the-minute condoms will be marketed, initially in Great Britain, by Australian multinational Ansell, who has signed a license agreement with the Benetton Group.

Benetton condoms will be available in four different varieties: Colours, Exotica, Skin Thin and XL, in packets of six, co-ordinated by colour and design. The packaging is specially designed to avoid any embarrassment at the point of sale; its success has been demonstrated by a market survey showing a positive consensus among men and women alike.

After Great Britain, the condoms jointly created by Benetton and Ansell will be gradually introduced in Europe, beginning with France, Denmark, Greece, Russia and Turkey. The condoms, which in the future will also be on sale in Benetton stores, are characterised by high standards of quality and safety, with the added value of the strong sense of irony that has always been a hallmark of Benetton’s communication – just think of the image of the condoms Oliviero Toscani designed in 1991.

Following on from the great success achieved by the advertising campaigns which drew on the fight against AIDS for their inspiration, Benetton condoms have already been in production and on sale for some years in Japan, one of the world’s largest markets.

Ansell International is the largest manufacturer of latex products in the world and the leading supplier of protective products to world industrial, medical and consumer markets. Ansell products include condoms (Akuel, Prime, Mates, Manix, Contempo, Lifestyle and others); and gloves for household, industrial, medical examination, surgical and dental applications.


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