About Our Products


The Dress safely project’s task is to inform consumers of the dangers of a reality of which many people are unaware and from which it is, therefore, hard for them to defend themselves. With the same transparency that has always characterized the work of Benetton Group, comes the need to inform our consumers about company procedures with regards to the use of harmful substances in clothing.

The Dress safely project was developed after Benetton Group’s childrenswear ranges adopted the Eco Safe mark for meeting exceptionally high chemical and mechanical safety standards. The mark is issued by the ICQ group, a major and well-recognised consumer goods quality and safety certifying body.

All Benetton products are safe. With the Eco Safe mark, Benetton Group aims at providing a further guarantee for United Colors of Benetton Kids collection, Undercolors of Benetton e Sisley Young.

Dress Safely is a commitment to clear information towards those who choose Benetton Group’s products, starting from the consumers who require the greatest protection: children.