About Our Products


The production of our garments is carried out with the utmost respect for the welfare of nature, people and animals. To this end, we have implemented an animal welfare policy that respects the internationally recognized Five Freedoms for animal welfare.

We are committed to the sustainability and transparency of the wool supply chain, and we will continue our efforts to ensure we use only humanely sourced wool.
In 2017, we implemented a series of initiatives to obtain certification of the quality of our wool, a fiber that can be regenerated, and to consolidate our position as global stakeholder for all the decisions that involve the queen of all of the fibers we use. 94% of the wool garments (monofiber) produced by the Benetton Group are made of 100% pure wool, with no regenerated fibers or other fibers added.
Since 2017 this effort has been rewarded by the Woolmark certification, a global authority for wool. Its brand on our products provides assurance to consumers on the fact that our products have been rigorously tested and stand out for their absolute quality.
In 2017 we were the first fashion company in Europe to join the IWTO, the International Wool Textile Organization.
Down and Feathers
United Colors of Benetton collections are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, meaning that down and feathers found in our products come from ducks and geese that live free from ill treatment and constraints.
Using specialized third-party certification bodies, the Responsible Down Standard independently certifies all aspects related to the animals’ well being and care, including traceability of the feathers and down from their origin to the end product.
We strictly apply a ban on the use of natural fur in our clothing and clothing accessories. This ban extends worldwide, to all our brands and all their suppliers.
Leather and Skins
We only use leather & skins that come from animals bread for food production.