Attention to Consumers

Attention to Consumers

Social commitment, concern for the environment and ethical behaviour are core values of Benetton Group, a company always conscious of the importance and significance of a responsibility that goes beyond its commercial objectives.

The main objectives of Benetton Group’s corporate social responsibility strategy are the safety and quality of products and the transparency of information delivered to our consumers.

Economic performance and consumer welfare

Our economic results have allowed us to maintain an environmental and social sustainability policy of benefit to our customers. Consequently, the company invests heavily in research and in the development of innovative tools that help us ensure the safety and quality of our garments.

Strict control on chemicals over the entire supply chain

Benetton Group firmly believes that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty grow stronger if we ensure products are manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals or dangerous materials throughout the production process, from raw materials to the finished products. This is why all suppliers are repeatedly subjected to rigorous checks to ensure their compliance with the criteria in the Benetton Group Restricted Substances List, that applies to both products and manufacturing processes.

A clear commitment to a dialogue with our consumers

Listening to consumers and embracing their points of view not only allows us to constantly improve our production but also to build solid relationships with them through the provision of information on product safety.

Dress safely

The Dress safely project’s task is to inform consumers of the dangers of a reality of which many people are unaware and from which it is, therefore, hard for them to defend themselves. With the same transparency that has always characterized the work of Benetton Group, comes the need to inform our consumers about company procedures with regards to the use of harmful substances in clothing.

The Dress safely project was developed after Benetton Group’s childrenswear ranges adopted the Eco Safe mark for meeting exceptionally high chemical and mechanical safety standards. The mark is issued by the ICQ group, a major and well-recognised consumer goods quality and safety certifying body

All Benetton products are safe. With the Eco Safe mark, Benetton Group aims at providing a further guarantee for the line of products for children. (United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors of Benetton e Sisley Young) .

Dress Safely is a commitment to clear information towards those who choose Benetton Group’s products, starting from the consumers who require the greatest protection: children.

Organic Cotton

Benetton Group’s eco-sustainable business project is aimed at increasingly eco-friendly fashion, both out of respect for the environment and as a lifestyle. The raw materials, such as wool, from sheep farms with ethical livestock treatment, and cotton, are processed in a clean manner, saving water and energy and reducing the use of chemical substances. The company, which provides its suppliers with a list of over 200 prohibited substances, has recently developed a quality and safety control plan involving over 40,000 tests on its products each year.

In the United Colors of Benetton children's collection, organic cotton accounts for over 30% of all cotton items. This is confirmed by ethical and environmental “Organic Textile Product” certifications, in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), an internationally adopted trademark synonymous with guaranteed cultivation methods.

Benetton Group also conducts a continuous series of checks to ensure that its fibres are free from the CaMV 35S promoter, which indicates the presence of OGM cotton.

Certified angora wool 

In its clothes, Benetton Group uses angora wool sourced from rabbits raised in an environment that ensures they are treated with respect.

As with the quality of all our products, this is guaranteed by an appropriate control system that ensures that angora is purchased only if provided by companies that use animal-friendly processes. 

In this regard, in collaboration with internationally recognised third party certification bodies, Benetton Group regularly performs specific tests and in-depth analysis on the yarns it purchases to make sure that none of the angora wool has been obtained by methods other than natural shearing.


Since 2012, Benetton Group's collections have not carried denim items treated with sand-blasting.


Benetton Group strictly applies the corporate ban on the use of natural fur in its clothing and clothing accessories.

This ban extends worldwide, to all the Group's brands and all its suppliers. The ban is also strictly monitored through a number of checks, from the pre-processing phase, during processing and in subsequent phases.


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