The story of Khadia

The story of Khadia

Khadija Begum, 41, moved to Savar from her village in central Bangladesh and worked as an operator for the Ithertex garments factory in Rana Plaza.

Khadija is divorced and lives with her two sons, Sabbir, 15, and Shohag, 20.

Khadija cannot remember what happened when Rana Plaza collapsed because she suffered a brain injury and memory loss.

Though Khadija wishes she could turn back time, she is determined to stay away from the garments industry.

Khadija recently received skills development training from BRAC, with the support of Benetton Group. She says the training has helped her manage stress and build up her confidence.

Khadija is happier now because she runs her own grocery shop, which allows her more independence. She can earn as much as she used to.

Khadija still suffers from headaches. She sleeps in her shop, not only to rest but also to keep watch over her goods.

Khadija hopes to expand her business one day and be able to afford a better life with her sons.

Now an advocate for safer workplaces, Khadija hopes collective action will be taken to ensure accidents like Rana Plaza never happen again.


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