The story of Parveen

The story of Parveen

Abdul Aziz, who used to work in New Wave Style on the third floor of Rana Plaza, died when the building collapsed on 24 April 2013. He is survived by his wife and their two young children.

Parveen Begum, 25, remembers insisting her husband Abdul have his breakfast before leaving for work, but instead he asked her to bring the food to his work later.

Abdul Iraj, 6, bears a striking resemblance to his father.

Eighteen-month-old Ishrat Jahan, was with Parveen when she heard news of the building collapse.

With her daughter in her arms, Parveen ran to the site, but in the frenzy lost Ishrat for four hours.

Two other girls from Parveen’s extended family died in the building collapse. One of the girls was identified from the henna pattern on her hands.

Through BRAC and with the support of Benetton Group, Parveen has received psychosocial counselling and underwent training on running a small business.

Parveen now runs a small shop with which she supports her young family.

Parveen’s shop has a fairly good average daily revenue and Parveen has plans to expand in the future. She says she would have faced major economic hardship if she did not have her shop.

Every 24th of the month, Parveen takes her children to the site of the Rana Plaza building collapse to pray for her husband and their father Abdul Aziz.

Of Parveen’s two children, young Abdul, may still have memories of his father.


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