Company Approach


Company Approach


Benetton Group is committed to being a globally responsible company in social, environmental and economic terms: this is a commitment for present and future generations, to grow together with the community in which the company operates, in Italy and all other markets.


Benetton Group has always been committed to combining economic growth and social commitment, competitiveness and concern for the environment, and business and ethics. People - their moral values, daily work capacity and desire to look to the future and improve themselves - are at the centre of every programme and activity. The aim, step-by-step, is to become increasingly active and responsible, by first of all identifying areas of excellence and potential areas of improvement in order to grow together with the community in which the company operates.

Benetton is a global company with a global impact: for this reason, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that the company is developing is implemented on various, closely connected levels, covering its entire sphere of influence.
Benetton Group’s approach to CSR specifically entails the adoption of processes for integrating social and environmental criteria, concern for human rights, product safety and transparency towards consumers in its business strategy, creating shared values within and outside of the company, and anticipating and identifying potential negative impacts of its activities.

In accordance with the latest tools examining company activities in relation to human rights - such as the United Nations Special Representative’s Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights of 2011 and the European Commission’s Communication on CSR of October 2011 - the group considers working to guarantee social and environmental sustainability a core value of its company strategy:

  • in its production activities and supply chain management - Sustainable supply chain management, from logistics to the finished product, is a fundamental step in the CSR strategy: Benetton Group constantly monitors the social and environmental conditions of its supply chains, referring primarily to its own Code of Conduct, which requires respect for workers’ rights by anyone involved in business relations with the company;
  • in its products - It is fundamental for products not only to be sustainable in terms of their production processes, but also to be safe for consumers. For this reason the use of dangerous substances has been eliminated and constant tests are conducted to enable control of the use of substances along the entire supply chain;
  • in its impact on communities - To prevent potential negative impacts on local communities in which it operates, the Benetton Group is progressively applying a human rights impact assessment tool in collaboration with the Valore Sociale organisation, a CSR centre of excellence whose members include NGOs, associations and universities. The company also believes that its values can contribute to the growth of the communities in which it operates and to that of future generations, through specific activities and awareness campaigns.

Benetton Group has opened a dialogue with its stakeholders in order to achieve these goals.

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