Benetton firmly believing in a “clean factory approach” extended to the whole suppliers’ factory – not just to Benetton’s production – developed a “Guideline on how to use the RSL to implement a chemical substances management system”.

Chinese, Bengali and Hindi versions will be available in due course.
In 2013 Benetton joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme, in which several leading Brands and Retailers committed to work together – involving the entire supply chain – to improve inputs and processes with the aim of eliminating hazardous chemicals from the textile industry.
Working towards the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals demands a holistic approach.
ZDHC is working to develop tools to set new standards in chemical management and developing training activities to teach their implementation.
In addition to the invitation of visiting on a regular basis the ZDHC website, that offers important tools and informative materials about chemical management best practices, Benetton encourages its suppliers to register in the ZDHC Academy, a neutral platform set up by ZDHC in which accredited training providers organize training sessions to deliver ZDHC certified training to key industry stakeholders.
ZDHC Training Modules can be found at:
Module 1: Introduction to Chemical Management Agenda
Module 2: Hazards and Risks, Risk Assessment, Risk Control Hierarchy
Module 3: ZDHC MRSL, Functions and Best Practices of SDS, Chemical Labelling, Chemical Risks Communication
Module 4: Safe Use of Chemical, Transfer and Storage at the Facility, PPE Selection, Emergency Response
Module 5: Types of Environmental Impact Mitigation Measures, Wastewater Treatment and Monitoring