All Benetton’s suppliers involved in wet process have to conduct investigations on the water effluents according to the ZDHC Guideline, by appointing certified third party laboratories, as indicated in the Detox Programme Guideline.

In order to achieve a deeper vision of the general situation and for a better understanding of the suppliers’ responsibility, the water tests always include sampling in three crucial points:

  • Raw Waste Water (RWW): sampled at the end of the production line, tested for all Chemical Groups listed in the  2016 ZDHC Wastewater Guideline.
  • Incoming Water (InW): sampled at the water sourcing point, tested in case of findings either in the RWW or in the TWW and focused on found Groups
  • Treated Waste Water (TWW): sampled at the exit of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), to test General Chemicals and all Chemical Groups listed in the 2016 ZDHC Wastewater Guideline.