With the goal of eliminating all dangerous chemical substances from the supply chain by 2020, Benetton Group will progressively publish data on the chemical and environmental inspections relating to the activities of its own suppliers.
Aligned with its Detox Solution Commitment, Benetton Group supporting transparency of information to the benefit of its customers and local production communities around the world, as of December 2016 published the data referred to the 70% of its global “Wet Process” supply chain.
Benetton Group confirms its efforts to progressively disclose up to 80% of the same by 2017.

To turn to account the water test reports and evaluate discharges trend, a research has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science, Informatics and Statistics of Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. The research involved 3 years of data from more than 100 facilities located in 10 different countries and provides all the data collected from the incoming, untreated and treated water analysis. It broken down by country and individual facilities, ranking them by a toxicological evaluation too.



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