The Company’s focus on the environment also takes tangible form in its choice of packaging. Currently only 50% of the garments arriving at the central warehouse are packaged in cardboard boxes; these are later gathered together in special compacters and handed over to an external company for recovery. The other 50% of the garments are transported in reusable metal baskets allowing for an estimated reduction in cardboard consumption of over 1 300 tons of cardboard every year, corresponding to approximately 20 000 trees.
For some time an initiative has been underway at the Group’s Indian site to recover the cardboard boxes used to transport the garments that arrive at the warehouse. In fact, over 300,000 cardboard boxes are reused multiple times every year before being recycled, thus making it possible to reduce paper consumption.
FSC certified paper
Today, catalogues, brochures and other paper-based communication materials used by the Benetton Group are developed in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – whose trademark identifies products from forests that are controlled and managed on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis -paper.
Since January 2010 anyone making a purchase in a Benetton Group’s store has been taking their items home in eco-friendly white kraft paper shopping bags, produced entirely with water-based inks and supplied by a paper mill certified by the FSC.