Selection Process

screening_iniziale_1Initial Screening
Initial screening is carried out by our computer system that collects and selects the profiles received on the basis of individual characteristics and skills in relation to the position on offer.

The requirements are:

• qualifications
• specialisation courses
• linguistic and computer knowledge
• previous professional experience
• willingness to move within Italy and Abroad
call_1Telephone interview
In the telephone interview the professional opportunity on offer is explained and the candidate’s compatibility for the position is ascertained. Once the characteristics are ascertained and if the profile corresponds to the job on offer a further interview is arranged.
first_selection_1The first selection interview
For Graduates or Professionals the selection process is more or less the same. The first selection interview is with the Human Resources Manager who evaluates the candidate on the basis of the personal and professional characteristics required for the position as well as the skills, abilities and previous experience.
the_second_selection_interview_1The second selection interview
Once all the candidates have been interviewed for a particular position the Human Resources department prepares a short list of the most suitable candidates from the first selection interview which is presented to the Management. The Management meet the candidates for a second interview focusing on more technical aspects of the position on offer and the abilities required.
final_selection_1Final selection and feedback
At the end of the selection process the Human Resources department and the Management identify the most suitable candidates for the position on offer. Subsequently the Human Resources department takes care of informing every candidate about the result of the final selection. The candidates are contacted via e-mail, while the chosen candidate is contacted directly by Human Resources to discuss employment details.