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Colors 54: Food

For COLORS 54, we’re making a recipe book. What rare dish will cure testicle pain? Where is the Eucharist made and what makes it holy? What (besides one thinly sliced pound of turkey, twelve strips of bacon, two large baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese, and chives and a chef salad with blue cheese dressing) did Stanley Allison Baker Jr. eat before he was executed in Texas, USA? What happens to that bull after the matador dispatches it in the ring? And why should beauty pageant contestants eat just a fist-sized piece of chicken at a sitting?

COLORS 54: Food looks at the cruelest, funniest and strangest meals eaten around the world. Besides questions of taste and culture, we also found that food can be a major political issue (did you know that a spat between the president’s daughter and her husband led to a dearth of Coca-Cola in Uzbekistan?). It can be big business (1 million metric tonnes of wildlife is eaten every year in the Congo Basin), or a weapon (when dropped from a height). Food can be a status symbol or a lifestyle. This issue takes a look at the politics, rituals and time spent eating, drinking and preparing food all over the globe.

You may not be able to cook all of these recipes yourself (we haven’t provided the instructions), but you will have plenty to talk about over dinner.


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