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COLORS 76 / Teenagers


Treviso, October 2009. In Colombia, John decides he wants to live like his idol, the drug baron Pablo Escobar. A group of girls from Johannesburg’s poorest suburbs get ready for the year-end ball, spending everything they have to be queens for a night. Young freaks from across the US traverse the country to meet each other, while 18-year-old David, in a gym in Slovenia, pumps his muscles a bit more before returning to his school books. Thousands of miles to the east in Cambodia, Sopheap wins a beauty contest, finally regaining her self-confidence years after she stepped on a landmine and lost a leg. 

Every minute girls and boys across the globe discover their individuality and start off on the endless path of trying to find oneself. Colorshas dedicated its 76th issue to this journey and its varied transformations. It is an issue devoted to the ambitions, dreams and defeats of teenagers in the rest of the world – to their choices, their body, their relationship with themselves and others – to the looks and dilemmas teenagers face, the society they grow up in, the tribes and groups they join or align themselves with.

A new website, a new journey, a bigger reality

From one change to another, Colors is also beginning a new journey to mark its 18thyear. The Internet was only a promise when the magazine first hit the newsstands in 1991, and the world of communications belonged to the professionals. Today Colorsattempts to bridge the two worlds by uniting readers with editorial staff in a new collaborative space. Writers, photographers and ordinary readers have already put together many of the stories in this issue by submitting unsolicited work to the new A participatory platform merging editors and readers and turning the public into producers, the new website is a place where anyone can submit their work or make suggestions for the next issue’s theme. The site is also an interactive stop along the journey of reading the magazine, in which the word magazinetakes on a new meaning made of both paper and screen, photography and video. This ‘augmented reality’ is a central component of Colors 76. Just find the square black-and-white codes printed on the magazine’s pages, aim them at a webcam and access ‘augmented reality’: meet the people featured in this issue through uncut interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Colors 76 – Teenagers

Available at newsstands and bookshops in three bilingual editions (English + Italian, French or Spanish) from October 2009.


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