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Leopolda station florence – 11 January/3 February 2002

An exhibition of Sisley’s forbidden photos taken by Terry Richardson

Florence, January 11th 2002 – Sisley and Terry Richardson joined forces in 1997; a fashion label and a photographer who together have engendered a series of aggressive, highly erotic advertising campaigns which, season after season, collection after collection, have regularly caused a lot of buzz.

Like other celebrated, long-standing partnerships between fashion and advertising photography, over the years the one between Richardson and Sisley has, on the one hand, found its harmony in their reciprocal strong, avant-garde charisma and, on the other, gone beyond the main purpose for which it was formed – i.e. advertising campaigns – moving into the unknown territory of aesthetic study. Sisley’s role has changed and Richardson has been given the opportunity for stylistic research, an occasion for limitless expressive freedom.

This remarkable alliance has given value and meaning to the “Too Much” exhibition produced by Sisley in collaboration with Pitti Immagine. The American photographer’s work will be shown at Stazione Leopolda in Florence from 11 January to 3 February 2002.

“Too Much” presents a series of previously-unpublished photos taken by Richardson over the past five years. Strong and radical, these pictures were taken during the photo shoots for the campaigns. These are exercises in composition, stylistic studies, creative impulses – often unbridled provocation – that Richardson’s viewfinder has rendered as crude, unexpurgated, unequivocal shots, verging on porn at times yet always filtered through an impudent irony that is so disarming as to make you overcome your initial shock.

“Too much” offers a chance to learn more about Terry Richardson’s work. It is Sisley’s tribute to its photographer.


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