A Monitor on Benetton Shares

A new stock analysis tool available on-line at the Benetton website

Ponzano, 26th March 2002. The Benetton Group has made a new service available to small shareholders and savers. Share Monitor, as the new tool is called, will respond even more promptly and precisely to the needs of the Group’s various “audiences”. Accessible in both a basic HTML format and a feature-rich interactive version, this innovative tool will enable users to view and analyse the performance of Benetton shares. Investors will be able to monitor the progress of Benetton shares in the Stock Exchange and obtain other important information, updated automatically every sixty seconds, such as trading volumes, graphs and advanced analysis tools for forecasting market trends.

Once again, Benetton confirms its pledge to communicate with all user groups, inside and outside Italy, including the financial market, small shareholders, the business and general press, trades unions, universities and Benetton’s own customers. Although very different, these groups all share a need for access to financial and other information about Benetton in the simplest, quickest and most accurate way possible.

Over the years, Benetton’s commitment to financial communication has won many awards, such as the 1999 Oscar for balance sheet and financial communication, and the 2001 Oscar for interactive balance sheet. Both prizes are awarded to documents that combine clarity of information with ease of use, indispensable requirements for corporate communication in a company that operates in all the world’s markets.

The new Share Monitor service is part of the Benetton Group’s long-established commitment to transparent, effective communication that responds to the requirements of Benetton users. It is in this perspective that Benetton has created a dedicated site for the financial community at www.benetton.com/investors. Another site designed for the media can be accessed at www.benetton.com/press, with up-to-date news from the world of Benetton and an extensive photo archive of high-resolution, downloadable images.

The new targeted sites join the general information ones already developed for individual brands, including Benetton (Benetton.com) Sisley (Sisley.com) and The Hip Site (Thehipsite.com), the sport brands’ sites (Playlife.com, Princesports.com, Nordica.com, Rollerblade.com and Killerloop.com), and the Benetton Group’s websites focused on research and experimentation about communication, Fabrica.it and Colorsmagazine.com.


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