An Oscar for Danis Tanovic’s No Man’s Land

A victory for Italy’s Fabrica Cinema

The Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film awarded to No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic is yet another accolade for Italy’s Fabrica Cinema – part of Benetton Group’s communication research centre – which, since 1998, under the direction of Marco Müller, has given its dedicated support to brave, quality cinema.

For over a decade United Colors of Benetton has invested - through the Swiss Montecinemaverità Foundation - in cinema from the south and east of the globe, giving economic backing to over 40 films. This new award for No Man’s Land is the crowning achievement of this work, which started with the Foundation and has continued, since 1998, with Fabrica’s production facility, achieving a string of successes in the world’s major cinema festivals.

Marco Müller, head of Fabrica Cinema (therefore the mind behind the success of our series of films and producer of most of them) states, “this is yet another success for Danis Tanovic’s film, the cutting edge of Fabrica Cinema production, which devised a wide-ranging Italian production programme to support new talents in cinematography from “the rest of the world”. This is our first film to obtain Italian nationality as a result of production support that provided the Bosnian director with not only financial backing (in partnership with Rai Cinema and Eurimages), but also a conspicuous creative contribution from the outstanding Italian artistic and technical personnel who worked for us on this film (from Francesca Calvelli, who actually edited with Danis Tanovic in Fabrica’s studios, to Mike Billingsley and many others).”

Among Fabrica Cinema’s many successes are the Silver Lion for Best Director to Babak Payami for “Secret Ballot” (Venice 2001), the Jury Prize for “Blackboards” by Samira Makhmalbaf (Cannes 2000) and the Silver Lion for Best Director to Zhang Yuan for “Seventeen Years” (Venice 1999).


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