Angel on the right

by Djamshed Usmonov

For the 4th consecutive year Fabrica Cinema has been present in the Cannes Film Festival 2002 official selection, in the section “en certain regard”, with the film ANGEL ON THE RIGHT by Djamshed Usmonov.

According to an old Islamic legend, everyone has two invisible angels, one on each shoulder. The angel on the right shoulder records good thoughts and good deeds, while the angel on the left shoulder takes note of bad ones.

This legend, together with the real story of Attar, who lived in 13th century and relinquished his past life, becoming a poet and wanderer after having witnessed the death of a dervish to whom he had refused to give alms, inspired the director, Djamshed Usmonov, for his second film “The Angel of the right shoulder”, shot in his native village, Asht, in Tagikistan.

The film is about poverty and motherly love.

Halima upset from the idea that at her death her coffin won't even go through her one-lefted door, pretends that she is dying, to make her son return from Russia, to finish the other leaf of the door which was left unfinished after his leaving, ten years before.

The trick works: Khamro returns to Asht, starts major renovation work to assure a worthy funeral to his mother.

But Khamro borrowed money from crooks to get to Asht. He was counting on getting some money in quickly from his mother's inheritance. But Halima doesn't die. Despaired that his son could be in danger, she consults “the angel of the right shoulder” imploring him to make her die in order to let her son sell her house and settle his debts…


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