Benetton celebrates 15 years at the New York Stock Exchange

New York, June 8th 2004. The closing bell of the June 8th session at the New York Stock Exchange will have the multicolored tones of Benetton: in celebration of the 15th anniversary of its listing, Silvano Cassano, CEO of Benetton Group, will perform the closing ceremony at Wall Street.

Benetton Group, one of the first Italian companies to enter the NYSE, has been listed in New York since 1989. Over this period, Benetton shares have registered an average annual return, in terms of share price and dividends distributed, of around eight percent.

"For Benetton Group the listing on the NYSE is an expression of the company's international identity and a demonstration of transparency", stated Cassano, "in addition to an important opportunity to increase the liquidity of the shares and to diversify the shareholder base."


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