Benetton: groundless charges on the "case" of child labour in turkey

No minors employed by the Bermuda factory, in Turkey. It resumes work

Ponzano, 30 November 1998. There are no minors employed in the Turkish company Bermuda, subcontractor of Bogazici Hazir Giyim, the Turkish licensee of the Benetton Group. This is shown clearly and unequivocally by the results of the meetings of Bogazici with the Turkish Union Organisations, with the involvement of the Turkish Ministry of Labour.  This is in complete disagreement with the claims of the articles published by Corriere della Sera on 12th October 1998.

The documentation on which this evidence is based consists of:

  • the inspection carried out by the Turkish Ministry of Labour, which analysed the general situation within Bermuda from the date of its establishment (1995) to the present;
  • the statements released by the Teksif trade union in Turkey with the document dated 16th November 1998;
  • the report drawn up by Ernst & Young, an independent international company which was requested by Bermuda to investigate its labour situation;
  • the original identity cards of the workers traced, whose photos were published by Corriere della Sera, which unquestionably show that they are of regular working age according to Turkish law.
  • Benetton bitterly resents the charges made against it, and points out that the results examined show that the articles in Corriere della Sera, which seriously harmed the international image of the company, are not supported by any objective proof but are based exclusively on unfounded and misleading allegations. This unfortunate situation has forced Benetton to sue both the journalist who wrote the articles and theCorriere della Sera.

    Benetton, which had immediately requested the precautionary suspension of the relationship between Bermuda and Bogazici, has consented to the resumption of activities between the two companies.


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