Benetton Group S.P.A. 2005 Calendar of Company Events

Ponzano, 1 December 2004 - The Company announces the annual calendar of events relating to the approval of the financial results by the Board of Directors and the General Meeting.

Board of Directors


General Meeting for Approval of 2004 Financial Results

Pursuant to art. 82.2 of the Consob Regulation n. 11971/1999, the Company intends to avail itself of the exemption from publication of the fourth quarter 2004 and second quarter 2005 results.

The conference calls and/or meetings for the presentation of the financial results to the Financial Community will be held, as a rule, on the same day as the approval by the Board of Directors.
Any changes to the calendar will be communicated in advance.
The calendar will be available on the website:

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