Benetton Group wins the lawsuit against Corriere della Sera

Ponzano, 17th April 2003. Benetton Group announces its profound satisfaction with the sentence of the Court of Milan, condemning the journalist Riccardo Orizio and the editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera, Ferruccio de Bortoli, for the charges attributed to them, respectively libel with aggravated circumstances and omitted control, in relation to the unmotivated involvement of the Group in a presumed case of exploitation of child labour in Turkey.  The motives for the sentence will be made public within 60 days.

The issue originated with the publication in Corriere della Sera, on 12th October 1998, of articles which, on the basis of information proven to be gravely incorrect, attributed responsibility to Benetton Group in the context the above-mentioned matter. The Court of Milan has ascertained that the articles published by Corriere della Sera were seriously libellous.

Benetton Group trusts that this sentence, which fully re-establishes the facts and the correctness and transparency of Benetton’s social and ethical conduct, will receive a level of visibility capable of counter-balancing, at least in part, the serious damage to its image on an international level caused by a grave and unmotivated case of distortion of a journalistic report.


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