Benetton Group's new Communication and Public Relations structure

Stefano Lai heads new organization

Ponzano, 7 November 2006. Benetton Group has created a new Communication and Public Relations structure under the direction of Stefano Lai who joins the group from Vodafone. Under this new structure are the existing Advertising office, headed by Paolo Landi; Press & Corporate Communication, under Federico Sartor; and the Press & Fashion Communication office headed by Micaela Poss who recently joined Benetton following a long experience in Gruppo Marzotto and Valentino Fashion Group. Each department deals with the relevant interests of the group worldwide and co-ordinates communication activities in each country.

The new Communication structure will develop and co-ordinate image and communication strategies and initiatives for Benetton Group and its brands throughout the world. It will also harmonise communication activities with commercial requirements, and develop and optimise its synergies with Fabrica, the Group’s communication research centre.

Stefano Lai, 45, worked for Vodafone for ten years. He joined the group in 1996 as the head of External Relations for the then Omnitel. He continued to work in communication before moving recently to creating content products for the mobile-telephone operator. His last position at Vodafone was as the head of the Excellence Centre for new entertainment products.


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