Benetton in Paris in a blaze of Color

The new megastore in Boulevard Haussmann officially inaugurated today

Ponzano, 16 September 2004. Benetton celebrates in Paris. The new megastore in Boulevard Haussmann, five floors of fashion occupying almost 4,000 square metres in an historical building on the corner of Rue Auber, will be officially inaugurated today by Luciano Benetton during an evening rich in events, for a total immersion in the colourful Benetton lifestyle.

The inauguration will reflect the inspiration of the Group's various brands and collections, with their wide-ranging styles. In particular, the ground floor will feature a series of portraits by photographer David Sims illustrating the concepts of color, young fashion and dynamism that are an inherent part of the United Colors of Benetton collection for fall-winter 2004. Guests will be welcomed with a glass of champagne and the rhythm of a DJ's sound set, and will be able to access United People, Benetton’s global video message system.

The casual mood on the first floor will be complemented by a tropical cocktail; while in the second floor's country-chic atmosphere, guests will enjoy a fusion buffet with flavours from around the world. This floor will also host a selection of the best projects by Fabrica, Benetton Group's communication research centre, in the Selfportrait DVD to celebrate its first decade of activity.

On the third floor, dedicated to Sisley, the atmosphere shifts towards the elegant and sensuous with sophisticated food and drinks and the video of the fall-winter 2004 fashion show. A colourful cascade of cakes, sweets and fruit cocktails will welcome kids of all ages on the fourth floor, which hosts the children’s collections.

Modern and spacious, Benetton's new Paris location is more than just a large store. It offers a 360o panorama of the Benetton world and is a place for interaction and communication. Its design, décor and lighting exude an engaging Italian atmosphere. The elegant, vaulted entrance hall welcomes customers with a display dais and is illuminated by the seductive Mediterranean light of a chandelier. The internal space was designed for high visual impact, but without overpowering the collections' themes and identity, so that customers feel relaxed and enjoy shopping.


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