Colors 60: Energy

In Chad, they found oil, lots of it; so they made a deal with Western companies for it and now the oil is flowing out. So why has the country's average income only risen from US$1 to $1.50 and why is everyone so unhappy? Could it be because they still don't have running water or electricity? What's going on?

To get an answer from Chad turn to COLORS 60: Energy. While you're there, you can also discover what happened when they created a borehole in Iceland (no, really, it's far more interesting than it sounds); why Nathiben Bharwad is never giving up cow dung for gas; and why Nicolas Tesla really didn't like that Thomas Edison fellow. Take a trip with us to Laos to visit a dam that may have killed the fish, but gave locals the chance to watch TV; or, if you're feeling dirty, follow us down as we take a trip underground at one of nature's rarities: a working British coal mine.

With the usual COLORS mix of the serious and the irreverent, COLORS 60: Energy takes a look at power-from using the moon's radiation to power the world's appliances to why South Africans love nuclear power to how you get electricity in Baghdad when the Americans have blown up all your power plants.

COLORS 60: Energy-a magazine about powering the rest of the world.


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