Colors Sounds: all the colors of music

First CD soon to be released featuring Northern European artists

Ponzano, 30th September 2002. Music as an expression of the world’s various cultures: Colors Sounds, a new project by Colors (the magazine published by Benetton Group), selects music from various geographical areas and presents it in unusual and contemporary contexts. A music collection born under Colors’s cultural umbrella, representing almost a natural evolution of Colors because it is based on the idea that music, like images, is a universal medium which transcends boundaries to reach the greatest number of people with strong, immediate impact.

Co-produced with Irma Records (an international label, distributed by Sony Music, founded in Bologna in 1988, with branches in London and New York), Colors Sounds does not focus on folklore and traditions. Nor is it just another collection of ethnic music. Rather, with the help of the magazine’s network of collaborators, it pinpoints in each area new productions that go beyond conventional musical genres.

The first release, Nordic, which will come out at the beginning of October, is dedicated to Northern European music, with a compilation featuring singers and groups from the frozen north: Blue Fondation, Röyskopp, Xploding Plastix, Nils Petter Molvær, Sigur Rós and others, whose common trait is a stimulating, fascinating sound. Upcoming productions - totalling three compilations per year - turn to Brazil and Japan as well as less well-defined contexts such as G8 music.

Colors Sounds CDs, whose covers are designed by Fabrica (Benetton Group’s communication research centre), are distributed in Italy through major chain stores and music shops and throughout the world, especially in France, Germany, Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

Established ten years ago with the firm belief that diversity is positive but that all cultures have an equal value, Colors is a bimonthly magazine “which talks about the rest of the world”. On sale in over 60 countries, five editions published in six languages, Colors is part of the publishing activities of Fabrica and has a network of external collaborators in the four corners of the world.


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