Fabrica opens its door to present the Fabrica Circus project

Treviso. January 26, 2018. Today Fabrica opened its doors to launch Fabrica Circus 24/7x52, “a place to imagine”.
Oliviero Toscani and Luciano Benetton took to the stage in the agora to introduce the new direction for Benetton’s cultural center.
“My journeys in search of artists from all over the world taught me a lot”, Luciano Benetton said, “That’s why I feel at home here at Fabrica”.
Starting today, Fabrica will host a continuous cycle of events including conferences, performances, screenings, workshops, concerts and exhibitions on a variety of subjects, from poetry to politics, from food to spirituality and artificial intelligence. Among the first names are calligrapher Luca Barcellona, film director Andrea Segre, musician Michael Nyman, illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, designer Patricia Urquiola and astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. There will also be four thematic festivals, the first one happening in Spring.
“There will be no departments,” Toscani pointed out, “Everybody will do everything, like in a bottega from the Renaissance. It’ll be the place to go, and it’ll always be open”.
The presentation was attended by around 600 people. The digital relaunch of COLORS magazine, which will publish daily content online, was announced, alongside a project on integration that will start from a hospitality center for migrants managed by the Red Cross in Bresso, near Milan, to later reach out to the rest of the world.
“These young people are here to imagine,” Toscani said, “Using one’s imagination is free, yet it can create wealth. Fashion is not a finished product, it has to be constantly fed by imagination”.
After the presentation in the agora, the attendees could visit two exhibitions by German photographer Daniel Stier and Dutch artist Noa Jansma and listen to beats by Mexican musician Wakal and Italian DJ/producer duo Ackeejuice Rockers.
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