Position Statement – Bangladesh, statement by Biagio Chiarolanza, CEO of Benetton Group and Head of Operations re: partnership with BRAC and signing of Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement

We were all profoundly shocked by the tragic events linked to the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. Consequently, we immediately undertook to be at the forefront in facing the problems this tragedy has brought to light.

To sustain the victims of Rana Plaza and their families, we decided to concentrate our efforts in supporting BRAC. BRAC is the most widely internationally recognized Bangladeshi NGO and was one of the first to provide tangible assistance to the victims of the collapse of the Rana Plaza. Recently judged the premier NGO in the world in terms of its impact, innovation and the level of sustainability it offers, BRAC has worked for forty years to support individuals and communities affected by poverty and social injustice.

The primary focus of our program with BRAC are those families who have lost their only source of income following the tragedy, in addition to providing other forms of support, including financial assistance for surgical operations, psychological assistance and rehabilitation for those who were injured in the collapse, and training courses for workers.

Aware that the events at Rana Plaza involve the entire textile sector, we have chosen to actively support the Fire and Safety Building Accord, to contributing to a significant and lasting improvement in working conditions and safety in Bangladesh.

These initiatives fall within the company's long-standing commitment to labour, social and environmental responsibility. 

31 May 2013