Curtains raised on a new, prestigious Greek location for the brand

Thessaloniki, 24 May 2022. The new Sisley shop in 16, Agias Sophias str. opens its doors a short distance from Agias Sophias Square, bringing back the Rich&Raw concept, which embodies the bold and unconventional spirit of the Sisley brand.

The shop is arranged on two storeys and covers an area of approximately 121 square metres. In the new Greek Sisley the atmosphere is warm and refined with a deliberately and elegantly lived-in style that distinguishes the interiors of the brand's shops.

The shop offers a sophisticated environment that is carefully marked by time: the floors are in grey and black wood, while at the same time the trapezoids formed marble at the entrance welcomes customers. Oval shapes define the mirrors and tables.

“Sisley is our urban lifestyle brand,” says Sisley’s Managing Director, Francesca Svab. “its agility and speed in responding to changes in the market enables us to approach the young millennial consumer with a cool, sophisticated language.”

The opening of the Thessaloniki shop, right in the heart of the city, represents an important milestone in the growth and consolidation of the brand. The brand is pursuing a commercial strategy that focuses on having a presence in major Italian and European cities, with points of sale characterised by a strong identity and set in prestigious locations.

Today, with 600 locations worldwide, Sisley is the fashion brand of the Group with a strong and distinctive image, thanks to the commercial network, the sexy and avant-garde product and communication.

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