A functional, pared back minimalism that's a little bit rock and roll. Very easy to wear and take along, even in a suitcase. This is Spring Summer 2024 according to a bold, urban brand like Sisley


Interpreting the season’s trends, Sisley offers a collection of great simplicity and incisiveness, featuring with pieces with a decidedly '90s allure. Jackets, unlined and slip-on coats, pants and tailored suits feature unfussy, clean-cut lines. The main color for Spring 24 is black, the brand's iconic nuance, accompanied by a smattering of pieces in other shades like lilac, canary yellow and light blue. There is also a lot of white, the ideal counterpoint to the glossy glamour of Sisley black, which makes a statement in the cropped eco-leather jacket, or the dresses and sweaters with mesh inserts that look like they come straight out of the Matrix movies - a techno appeal that is found also in the lilac parachute fabric drawstring pants. As always there is a major focus on denim: wide leg, medium waist jeans, mom or maxi cuff styles in blue, anthracite grey, and egg white - a true throwback from the best of the '90s and definitely worth collecting. Meanwhile, a A line of accessories including bags, combat boots and pumps - all in black leather - complete the offering.

The Sisley Spring 24 women's collection has a romantic side, as well. Denim is embellished with rhinestones and lace becomes a decorative element on sweaters and dresses. As always, there is an emphasis is put on outerwear, with slip-on coats and jackets to pair with skirts or pants.

In summer, crochet, lace and slub yarns are mixed with fabrics such as silk and linen for a slightly rock'n'roll vibe inspired by the golden era of 2000s indie rock. Add psychedelic or faded prints - and shades of mud, poudre or lilac - and it’s the perfect style for a music festival (but also for the city). The ideal is to mix denim with linen, with a pinch of flowing silk and bandana prints.


Iconic practicality for feeling comfortable and relaxed, as well as for work. But above all to fully appreciate that most famous of Italian idioms: “dolce far niente” ("sweet idleness"), a mantra to abide by to make the most of the summer. From the first warm days of Spring - with unlined jackets, all-white suits, eco-down jackets, classic biker jackets and trench coats - to more summer-at-the-seaside outfits, the Sisley man loves a relaxed, well-constructed vibe. This means t-shirts featuring photographic prints and logos, 5-pocket jeans in indigo, black or white, wrinkle-free linen shirts and pants (it’s the linen traveller collection, designed especially for easy-going travellers), and cool, breathable slub fabrics for cardigans and soft sweaters. A classic, well-proportioned fashion, with hints of urban minimalism, slim fit and classic chic colors: pastels are combined with tobacco, black and chalk white nuances.

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