The Benetton Group Investor Relations website gets a new look and new content

The Value Chain goes interactive.

Ponzano, 3 April 2008.The Benetton Group Investor Relations website renews its design, structure and content, becoming an even more innovative, direct and user-friendly tool for managing the flow of financial information between the Benetton Group and the financial market. With an ever wider range of information, downloadable in various formats and constantly updated, and a completely renewed section devoted to Corporate Governance, the website provides maximum accessibility to the Group’s most important content.

The site has been made unique by the introduction of the interactive Value Chain, in an innovative and user-friendly version. With this tool, the user can navigate through the activities of the organization that add value, from production to distribution and logistics, through to marketing and sales. The various themes devoted to Brands, Product, Operations, Commercial and Communication are developed in detail and are enhanced by financial charts, as well as by slideshows, videos and audio files. In particular, they provide in-depth information on identity, style, store concepts and product campaigns (Brands), new projects, innovations, structure of collections and licenses (Product), industrial organisation, production facilities and logistics (Operations), as well as the network and international partnerships (Commercial).

The interactive Value Chain keeps the user constantly updated on the latest innovations by means of specific areas devoted to Recent Developments.

Dates and details of every event are always in the foreground via the calendar which can be downloaded directly to your email mailbox or through the RSS and Alert service by email/SMS. The version for mobile devices provides key content optimized for small screens, to give fast and easy access to share movements and the main news and financial events, creating a further level of interactivity.

In this way the web is promoted by the Benetton Group as its principal method of communicating financial news. A complete service, providing ample scope for transparent and immediate information, due above all to the multimedia content. Available in Italian and English, the site meets all the most important accessibility standards, increasing the functions which meet the user’s demand for speed and efficiency, and developed in parallel with the “Share Your Thoughts” section and the possibility of giving feedback on every page in the site.

Further functions like “Podcasting”, for automatic downloading of audio and video resources and a “Central Archive” to further aid searching by subject, will be added soon.


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