The colors of Benetton go Azulgrana

Benetton and Barcelona basketball champions inaugurate the new Barcelona megastore with Luciano Benetton. A large retail space in the heart of Barcelona’s shopping district with the United Colors of Benetton collections for women, men and children and major new items from the home range and teenager-oriented The Hip Site

Ponzano, 20 March 2002. The Benetton Basket team, led by Spanish national player Jorge Garbajosa, will be playing their EuroLeague fixture against Barcelona’s Azulgrana champions a day ahead of schedule, meeting today to inaugurate the Benetton Barcelona megastore. The new outlet extends over almost 2,700 square metres on Paseo de Gracia, in the heart of the Catalan capital’s shopping district.

Located in the former Fantasio cinema, whose surface area has almost been doubled thanks to skilful restructuring, the new megastore fits perfectly into the lively Paseo scene. A catwalk under glass is the bridge that takes you into the world of Benetton, focusing attention on the light-filled basement floor. The bright, attractive interior decor features poised Italian styling and swathes of white to highlight the clothes’ chromatic variety. The United Colors of Benetton collections for women – complete with underwear and accessories –, men and children are waiting to welcome visitors to their new home, as are two other major developments.

The first is on the basement floor, where you will find the Spanish debut of the home collection. Sheets, duvet covers, towels, bathrobes, travel rugs and blankets bring the distinctive Benetton style to household fabrics. The home collection, with about 500 outlets in Spain and 2,000 around the world, is experiencing growing international success. The other innovation is a special corner on the ground floor reserved for The Hip Site, the new Benetton Group brand for young people from 11 to 16 who want to make a statement that sets themselves apart from the very young or the very old.

Megastores in the historic and shopping centres of the world’s great cities are the finest possible international showcase for the Benetton style and image. In 2001, the network grew beyond all expectations and by the end of the year, the total topped one hundred. Directly managed stores grew at a similar rate and, together with the 2,000-strong network of partner entrepreneurs, they ensure that the quality of Benetton sales outlets will continue to respond to the ever more rapid shifts in market demand. Today, Benetton’s new proposals are distributed every fortnight. Benetton stores, now as before, offer comprehensive ranges with quality of service, design and ambience.


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