The fantastic four

Barbie™ loves Benetton S/S 2006

Barbie and Benetton continue round the world.
Summer 2006 offers little girls new fashion scenes, presenting four original looks and special dolls. The inspirational sources are four trend-setting cities around the globe.

The summertime fun paradise hosts a Barbieloves Benetton collection in perfect harmony with its style.
A mixture of styles and colours which creates a seemingly chaotic image that conveys the neo-hippy spirit. Knitted ponchos worn over a bikini, and camouflage pants just below the knee. And the whole outfit is raised by wedged sandals.

Barbie and Benetton = B.B. = Brigitte Bardot.
It’s an automatic association, especially when we’re in St. Tropez, the French star’s adoptive town. A simple, elegant style of knee-length jeans, a cotton pink-and-white gingham blouse and a straw handbag.

Japan always delivers original, innovative ideas which, without fail, prompt us to indulge in fun for pure pleasure, even in fashion.
This is the look of the Barbie loves Benetton line set in this city of the Rising Sun. The result is a perfect harmony of what could seem rather odd matches, such as knee-length leggings under a denim miniskirt, or coloured sleeves worn together with T-shirts decorated with cartoon graphics.

In the southern hemisphere, Barbie loves Benetton is in perfect street-and-sport style. A dynamic, colourful look that borrows outfits from open-air sports apparel. Tennis, and a jersey miniskirt; beach volley, and a stretch-cotton top; basket, and a tracksuit jacket; athletics, and sneakers. The look is rounded off with a visor to protect against the hot Australian sun!

These “fantastic” four lines will appear in United Colors of Benetton in the same way as the previous lines.
Osaka and Ibiza will open the summer season on 9 March 2006, while St. Tropez and Melbourne will complete the quartet on April 7. Plus, starting on 5 May, a special collection, Barbie on Holiday, will be the accompaniment for all the ideas for summer featured in United Colors of Benetton stores.

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