The first Playlife store opens in Milan.

Opened by Italy's Sydney 2000 Olympic team

Ponzano, 15 November 2000. Italy's Olympians come into play yet again, to open Playlife's new Milan store. Bright and smart in the official Playlife tracksuit which brought them so much luck and success at the recent Olympic Games, Diana Bianchedi, gold medal for fencing (foil), Rossano Galtarossa, gold in the men's rowing quadruple sculls team, Oscar De Pellegrin, gold for archery at the Paralympic Games, and the quartet Dei Rossi, Mornati, Carboncini and Molea, coxless four silver medallists will cut the ribbon today to mark the opening of Benetton's new sportswear store at the heart of retail activity in the Lombardy capital, in Piazza Francesca Romana on the corner at Corso Buenos Aires.

The new store will stock sports clothing and footwear lines for men, women and children by Playlife and Killer Loop (the latter is for a younger, trendy clientele), offering a style that is both sporty and comfortable, ideal for leisure wear. Just like its logo, that has become a communication benchmark in the international world of athletes, Playlife has also turned the attitude to sport upside down; sport is no longer just a competition but an expression of total joy and exuberance.

This dynamic, innovative approach to sport is reflected in the architecture of the new Milanese store where the ground floor, that acts as a filter between the shopping street and the shop itself, leads to the actual retail area on the first floor. The store's project was inspired by urban communication, where movement is speeded up by escalators, the barrier between store entrance and the street outside has been eliminated, and by the comfortable Playlife world idea, and includes a large space devoted to graphics.

Playlife's store network continues to expand throughout Europe and currently numbers 100 retail outlets. Furthermore, this new Playlife store is a further mark of Benetton's presence in the Lombardy capital and all over the region: the Group currently has more than 20 stores in Milan and nearly 300 in Lombardy.


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