On October 26th, the store in Padua opened
with a completely renovated format which includes modern areas, digital content,
personalized garments and our knitwear bar.
The store opening allows the complete story
of the brand to take the stage

Ponzano, October 2018 - Our new United Colors of Benetton store format makes a grand entrance in Padua with the opening of the renovated Via Emanuele Filiberto store at the corner of Via Risorgimento on Friday October 26th. The store is based on a relaxed, hi-tech concept brought to Italy’s Veneto region from London's innovative store which opened last March in Oxford Street.
The new flagship store is a relaxed, technological space that goes beyond the traditional concept of a store. The store was transformed from that of a standard sales space to that of an urban and contemporary showroom, which allows the complete story of the brand to take the stage.
The store is hosted in the historic "Supercinema Principe" building, which was opened to the public in February of 1931 and designed by the Venetian architect Duilio Torres. The building's exterior is characterized by an eclectic style comprised of decorative features, gables and balconies that make up the monumental but elegant façade; the interior is clearly from the twentieth century, and you can see Art Deco style elements on the first floor.
One goal of the restyling project was to pay homage to the original features and function of the building: the movie theater. This tribute begins at the building's exterior: two large windows which give onto the portico have two cinema rooms complete with screens and cinema seats, for a preview of the world of Benetton. The entrance is once again a foyer that welcomes customers and ushers them first through the partition, comprised of three multi-colored, LED lighted arches, and on to the main show, the store.
The store is spread over an area of ​​about 1600 square meters divided into three floors: the ground floor houses the women's collections and is characterized by our knitwear bar, an interactive, sharing, friendly space displaying knitwear and where multimedia info points explain the brand and its products. There is also an embroidery machine for you to personalize your clothing.
The knitwear bar is the beating heart of the store and touches on the innovation introduced in the sixties in Benetton stores, where counters were eliminated, going against ​​the traditional concept of a store in favor of a direct relationship between customer and product.
The first floor houses the women's collection, followed by the Undercolors and men's collections. There is another knitwear counter here in a space with large windows where you find the building's original decorative features overlooking the main street of the city. The second floor hosts the children's collection where the choice of colors creates a lively and vivacious atmosphere.
Guests can easily move through different areas of the store thanks to innovative check-out counters: a series of numerous circular stations, which replace the traditional check-out counters, where customers can pay by smartphone or card, thus providing rapid service and eliminating lines. The new store was designed to offer customers a new and increasingly immersive shopping experience: a natural extension of online purchasing which offers an omnichannel shopping experience.
The renovated store in Padua represents the new UCB flagship store in Italy and is characterized by a concept built around technology, minimalism and Italian style, with the aim of enhancing the brand's strengths: knitwear, color and innovation. The group's new direction includes the renewal of the retail network, to make our shops once again into places full of color, light and knitwear. Following London, Turin and now Padua, the new format will arrive in 2019 in other European cities to offer customers a new shopping experience and a real immersion into the brand's DNA.