The Red Ribbon of Aids Prevention is the symbol of the new Benetton campaign

To mark World Aids Day and in collaboration with LILA

Ponzano, 27th November 1997. A red ribbon, symbolising the fight against Aids is featured on underwear for men and women. It is the image of Benetton’s new international campaign. Created jointly with LILA - the Italian League for the Fight against Aids - this campaign will be launched on December 1st, World Aids Day. The campaign, comprising three photos by Oliviero Toscani and featuring Undercolors, the Benetton underwear brand, is a clear and witty message about the need to use protection against the risk of infection.

“Why another image inspired by Aids? Because we must at least make believe that we have a part to play in a struggle from which nature always emerges the winner, and we the losers, “ says Oliviero Toscani. “Nature has its checks and balances, and a fatal illness such as this is one of them - but as humans we are duty bound to defend ourselves.”

The new campaign which will appear in major publications in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Holland, Slovenia and Serbia, is part of Benetton’s communication programmes which have, for over ten years, focused on globally important social issues. Since 1991, Benetton has been committed to Aids awareness campaigns. The image of the coloured condoms gave an element of humour to this important means of aids prevention and contributed to overcoming the media taboo.

Subsequently, Benetton’s commitment turned both to new campaigns, such as the controversial and much-debated images of David Kirby on his death-bed, and bodies branded HIV-positive, as well as to collaborative programs with over 40 organisations around the world, dedicated to the fight against Aids. As part of these programs, Benetton has been an active partner in the organisation of international events. These have included covering the obelisk in the Place de la Condorde in Paris with a giant condom and running information campaigns in South Africa, India and several South American countries.


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