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Twingo launches a new limited fashion serie

With sales of over 570,000 in Europe, the Renault Twingo has become the first petrol-powered vehicle sold in France, with a market share of 5.8%.  In light of these impressive results, Renault is now offering a new limited Twingo series, produced in collaboration with a partner from the fashion world: Benetton. The series will be characterized by distinctive colors, a cosmopolitan style and a cheeky, shameless personality. The launch will take place in March.

Since its birth in 1992, the Twingo has generated special events at regular intervals. A new range was launched in 1994 and 1995 saw the arrival of a version created by a celebrated designer. In 1996, Twingo has decided to assert its personality more than ever and to show us its true colors.

Who would make it even more dynamic, more impertinent, and above all more universal? Benetton, of course! The car adopted the casual style of Benetton clothes through a simple but colorful offer.

The Twingo Benetton is lovable from the very first glance. It comes in five completely original colors for the body, Myosotis Blue and four others that were a distinguishing feature of the second collection (Cyprus Yellow, Magenta Red, Pearly Black and Pearly Yellow). The multicolored signature over the Twingo stripping is obviously that of United Colors of Benetton.

The Twingo Benetton will not fail to surprise with its original upholstery, patterned in  multicolored checks combined with  a blue background. The seat belts and the blue fitted carpet will also be brightly-colored, as will the mats, the one on the passenger side featuring the “United Colors of Benetton” logo.

Automatic ignition, sun-roof, airbag (driver and passenger seats), power-steering, transmission, air-conditioning and ABS are offered as optionals.

The Twingo Benetton will be available in Italy, and in major European countries (Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) from March 15, in an initial limited production run.


Marketing Director of Benetton Group SpA

 The partnership with Renault was born of the need to complement our clothing collections, already enriched with a vast range of accessories (from hosiery to suitcases, from watches to spectacles and pagers), with a prestigious product like the automobile.

This collaboration boasts an important precedent: Renault is our partner in Formula One, and the affinity of the two groups in terms of innovative technology and creativity, high profile and international image, has been a determining factor in the victory of the World Championship.

Moreover, some Renault products are aimed at the same client targeted by Benetton collections: a free spirit, a non-conformist, an individualist who is  socially aware  and has  a cosmopolitan vision.

The new Twingo Benetton has precisely this target in mind. We have added a touch of our style to the car's well established identity, a touch which goes beyond age and fashion to distinguish dynamic, open, forward-thinking spirits worldwide.

Both the exterior and interior color range have been renewed. Seat covers have been redesigned, with a back rest in brightly colored checks, coupled with dark blue seats and head rests, as well as high quality seat belts and carpeting. The small green United Colors of Benetton rectangle stands out on both sides of the car, customizing the vehicle with a young, international touch.

The new Twingo Benetton, fruit of a collaboration between the industrial realities of Benetton and Renault, is today ready for the final test: the market's. I am convinced that the verdict of the European public can only confirm the value of our project.


General Deputy Director and

Commercial Director of Renault

Q. Twingo seems to be a car that is rather too style-conscious, particularly in this Benetton version with a style designed to appeal to the “general public”. Why fashion?

A. We developed partnerships with the fashion world, because that is the spirit of Twingo's style. It is in that spirit, in fact, that each new line is called a collection.

Q. Twingo is a symbol of Renault’s audacity. This is an attempt to excite buyers with its daring color combinations. Is Renault trying to turn it into the "enfant terrible” of the family?

A. Certainly, we thought that with its original body colors and striking interior color scheme, the Twingo would be perceived as different from all other models in our range. This new limited series is part of the strategy.

Q. As Renault’s commercial director, as well as Renault Sport's chairman, why did you choose Benetton? Does it stem from the Formula 1 agreement?

A. There is no cause-and-effect relationship between these two phenomena, even if it is a happy coincidence that we are able to further our sports partnership with Benetton by working together on a product. Research dating  back to the  original Twingo launch revealed that Benetton's image was a perfect match with that of the Twingo. The shared values are universality, simplicity and audacity, all combined with an international dimension.

Q. Are you trying to attract a whole new kind of customers with the Twingo Benetton, or is this a new offer for your existing clientele?

A. The Twingo Benetton is aimed at both men and women, young people who appreciate a relaxed style and a bold elegance. This version gives Twingo a touch of extra daring and excitement, that will be loved by all those who already appreciate its originality and simplicity.

Q. The Twingo is doing so well in the market already, did you really need to resort to a partnership, which is usually a device to relaunch sales?

A. This initiative was not designed to re-launch sales, because, as you say, the Twingo did not actually need it. It is rather a question of making the model better-known internationally, making the most of this collaboration, and its lively, cheeky characteristics. This limited series will be marketed almost all over Europe.


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